Who Are CompareTyrePrices.com?

About Us

This service, CompareTyrePrices.com, is provided by Silkmoth Ltd of Charter House, 1-3 Charter Way, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 2NG. We are registered in England and Wales with company number 4204791.

You can contact us here, by email at support@comparetyreprices.com or by phone at +44 1625 433388.

For consumers

About this service

This service connects you to hundreds of tyre retailer websites and provides information on each retailer's location, services (MOTs etc.), brands and tyres offered and compare their tyre prices. Our aim is to help you to choose the best tyres for your needs and find a good, reputable retailer to fit them for you. Almost all retailers fit in-branch/store, some will come to your home or place of work and a few dealers offer both of these fitting services.

How does it work?

We collate the data from hundreds of tyre retailer websites; services, locations, opening hours, tyres and prices. We pull it all together and then show you the retailers that are in your local area and the tyres that they offer. You can apply filters for tyre brands and tyre types. You can see where the dealers are, what their facilities are and the additional services that they can offer. For instance, if you're looking for tyres and an MOT at the same time, our service will help you find a local dealer who can do both.

Our retailers

Silkmoth Ltd is a leader in tyre e-commerce systems. We build websites for tyre retailers throughout the UK. Currently, all of the retailers taking part in this service are also our e-commerce website customers. This means that we are able to provide up to the minute information about the retailers and their tyres.

All of the retailers on our service are real people. We do not list broker services like Asda Tyres or BlackCircles.com. When we transfer you to a retailer's website you will be buying your tyres directly from that company. Not from a middle-man. This makes sure you have the best possible customer service experience. It also means that if there you have any difficulties then the people who are actually able rectify the problem will be on-hand to help.

Tyre search results

Some of the tyres shown in our search results may be sponsored. We will clearly mark any such tyre with Sponsored . For these tyres we have received a fee to influence their position in the search results. All other results are ranked by price and shown according to the filter settings you have chosen.

About your data

Like every website we make use of cookies to track your progress through the website and to make sure your experience is as quick and streamlined as possible. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy.

We will also be told by the tyre retailers when you have made a purchase from them. The retailers will share your email address and details of the tyres you have bought so that we can a) ask you about your experience with the retailer, and b) ask you about the tyres you have bought. We will ask you to rate the retailer shortly after your purchase. We will ask you about your tyres around six-months after purchase, once you've had an opportunity to assess them in all sorts of conditions. If you choose to ignore our emails, that's fine, we won't send them again. If you come back and make another purchase though, we will ask you in the same manner about that purchase.

For tyre retailers

About this service

This service allows you to compete for tyre business from online savvy consumers who are looking to buy the right tyres for their vehicle from a local tyre retailer. For customers searching in your local area we will show them the tyres you offer at your current pricing together with other details about your business (e.g. opening hours) to help them make an informed decision. We will also invite each customer to rate your business as well as the tyres they have purchased from you.

When a consumer chooses the tyres on our website we will direct them to the appropriate page on your own website where they will be able to complete their transaction in as few steps as possible.

What does it cost?

At launch, all the retailers on our service will already be Silkmoth customers. For the time being, there will be no additional fee for being listed on CompareTyrePrices.com. All we ask is that you continue to offer the great customer service experience that you already offer so that CompareTyrePrices.com becomes a trusted service for tyre consumers.

If you are interested in joining the CompareTyrePrices.com network, see our FAQ page detailing the methods of becoming a network partner so customers can compare your tyre prices.

We will be offering some product sponsorship opportunities to appropriate businesses and this will help to cover the costs of running this service.

About your data

With your help we will capture information about the tyres that are sold through our service. We will share sales information (without any personal data) with our sponsors so that they can measure the return on their investment and continue to work with us in supporting tyre consumers and retailers.

We also hold information about your business, e.g. opening hours, services offered etc. You will have password protected access to our back-office system to maintain this data. It is imperative you keep this information up to date. If you are unable to update your details please let us know at support@comparetyreprices.com and we will do it for you.