More than just tyre price comparison

At we understand that price isn’t the only factor when making a decision on purchasing tyres. Whilst the ability to compare tyre prices is important, our approach spreads the focus in terms of what a fitting centre can offer a customer outside of price alone. The independent tyre fitters on the website focus on more than the price of tyres and has been built to reflect this ethos.

The current issues with tyre comparison websites

Many tyre comparison websites will often cast a wide net of results to return a figure for the cheapest result. The main issue with this is that there is little consideration for any factor beyond this - showing a headline figure of the cheapest tyre which happens to be over 50 miles away isn’t a good customer experience! The race to the bottom approach will also often be at the customer’s expense, with ill-advised, poor quality tyres being recommended purely based on their price, not taking into account the quality of service provided by the fitter, the first available day for fitting, proximity to the customer etc.

How goes beyond price comparison


We select your 3 nearest fitting centres based on your postcode to display search results for. By doing this, we ensure that the pricing and availability shown is representative of what is actually available for the customer in a reasonable distance.

Nearest fitting centres

Shown in the image above, the nearest fitting centres are displayed at the top of the search results with key information such as their trading name, address, distance from the postcode provided and a star rating (this is a weighted average value of Net Promoter Score and Google Review ratings). The customer also has the ability to hide results for a specific centre should they wish to (the distance or rating score may be undesirable).

Recommended Tyres

The search results page will have up to 3 recommended tyres containing a tyre from each classification (economy, mid-range and premium, read more about classifications here) where available.

Recommended tyres


The recommended economy tyre is simply the cheapest available tyre from each local fitting centre, the patterns may differ between each fitting centre depending on the tyres/prices they offer but provides an option for those looking to compare tyre prices above all else.

Mid-Range and Premium

For mid-range and premium recommended tyres, our main focus is to provide a comparison for the tyre’s available prices, with this in mind, the priority for recommended tyres in these classifications is that the tyre fitters can provide the tyre(s) in question, then by price. This means that the recommended tyre may not always be the cheapest available tyre in the classification, but will provide a far better means of comparison when making a choice (since the cheapest available mid-range tyre may be exclusive to one of the local tyre fitters and thus not actually provide any meaningful comparison).

Fitting Centre Comparison

Following the recommended results, we display the remaining available tyres for the size provided. Each of these results will display key information regarding the tyre product as well as differentiating factors for each tyre fitter.

Fitting Centre comparison

  1. Additional centre information – by clicking on the fitting centre’s name, a modal window will display with extra information about the centre. This includes details such as the full list of services and facilities they offer, their location on the map and an image of the store premises (if available).
  2. Distance – a key factor for many customers, the distance from the provided postcode gives an at-a-glance comparison for those who prioritise locality.
  3. Services available – whilst the additional centre information gives a full overview of these services, we will display whether the centre provides in-store fitting, mobile fitting or both of these options, as well as whether they can provide MOTs and servicing for your vehicle. These services can also be booked alongside your tyres when making the order. Services offered
  4. Opening hours – the opening times for each fitting centre is shown to allow the customer to plan their tyre fitment.
  5. Available from date – the first available date for the tyres to be fitted is shown for each centre to allow the customer’s prioritising speed of fitment to make an informed choice.
  6. Price – the tyre price for each fitting centre is still highlighted and a large decisive factor for many. The prices shown include fitting, with customers only paying once the tyres are fitted.

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