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Can I book additional services, such as an MOT, when I get my tyres fitted?

Many of the independent tyre fitters with offer extra services beyond tyre fitting, including (but not limited to) MOT, servicing, wheel alignment, wheel balancing and more.

Not every tyre fitter will offer the same list of services, so you will need to check your local centres individually. Outlined below are the easiest ways to find out which services are on offer.

Search Results

On the tyre search results page when comparing tyre prices, simply click on a fitting centre's trading name (denoted with an info icon), which will display a modal window showing additional fitting centre information including a full list of services & facilities offered.

You can compare tyre prices using our vehicle registration or tyre size search on the homepage.

Tyre shops by location

You can also find your nearest local tyre fitters using our tyre shop locator, which lists the nearby available tyre centres for your region. Simply find your local town for a full list of available tyre fitters and select your chosen fitter to see extra available information including additional services.

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