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What is the correct pressure for my tyres?

Correct air pressure in your tyres helps your car handling as well as having the tyres last considerably longer. The tyre pressures sometimes vary according to the type of tyre you have on your car so there is no one-size-fits-all tyre pressure.

Your vehicle owner's manual will contain information about the optimal tyre pressure for your tyres. If you can't locate your manual quickly, you can find the tyre type and size by reading the size (e.g. 205/55R16) on the side of your tyre (find out how to find your tyre size). Once you have this information you can then look at the tyre information sticker typically found in the door jam of the driver's door.

A top tip is to check if there is a different tyre pressure recommended for when the car is heavier with multiple people and luggage e.g. if you are off on a camping holiday, since the load on your vehicle will change considerably.

In cooler weather, your tyres generally lose 1-2 pounds of air per month, this increases in summer months so we recommend that you check your tyre pressure every other time you fill your vehicle at the petrol station.

If you are still unsure as to what your vehicle's tyre pressure should be, you can use Kwik-Fit's tyre pressure search tool.

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