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Finding your tyre size

The size of your vehicle's tyre can be determined by checking the side of the tyre itself (also known as the tyre sidewall), inside your vehicle owner's manual and also on the inside frame of the driver side door.

A combination of letters and numbers, detailed below, show the size structure of the tyre for your vehicle e.g. 205/55R16 91V.

How to find your tyre size

In the image example, each section relates to the following:

  1. 245 - The width of the tyre in millimetres
  2. 40 - Also known as the aspect ratio, this value is the height of the sidewall divided by the tyre's width.
  3. R18 - The rim diameter of your tyre in inches.
  4. 97Y - This is the load (97) and speed (Y) rating of the tyre, indicating the maximum speed for the tyre at full load.

If you are still unsure about your tyre size, you can use our vehicle registration search tool on the which uses up-to-date data by matching DVLA data to tyre size data from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), which allows us to identify tyres fitted to your vehicle as original equipment.

Note: Some vehicles have larger sized tyres on the rear axel, so we recommend checking both the front and rear sizes for your vehicle separately.

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