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Why is it important to have tyres inflated to the correct pressure?

Correctly inflated tyres will ensure that your car handles well in all road conditions. Under-inflated tyres can affect vehicle steering, increase chances of bursting (due to overheating) and greatly increase the time it takes the car to stop when braking. An over-inflated tyre can also have a damaging impact, with lower grip and increased force on the vehicle's suspension due to the tyre not correctly absorbing impacts. The increased inflation also makes the tread footprint smaller which can increase overall wear on the centre of the tyre tread.

With petrol and diesel prices soaring, nobody wants to be paying more for fuel than they have to – properly inflated tyres increase fuel economy by up to 5% (i.e. an additional 5 miles per gallon per 100 travelled). A great knock on effect of this is that you'll be helping the environment too!

Money can be saved by making sure that tyres are fully inflated to the recommended pressure. They will last approximately 25% longer than under-inflated counterparts.

You can find out how to check your tyres' optimal pressures by following our guide.

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