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With over 18,000 employees across the group, Bridgestone has fully established itself as a titan in the tyre industry, with premium ranges sporting the latest technologies available to continually deliver innovation.

The Bridgestone group houses a diverse portfolio of brands, including Firestone, Bandag and Dayton to provide tyres across all different tyre classifications.

You can compare Bridgestone tyre prices using the vehicle registration/tyre size search below, or alternatively visit Bridgestone tyres for more information.

All Bridgestone Tyres

Shown below is a full list of available bridgestone tyre patterns. To compare tyre prices for these, simply click the "View tyre prices" button for your preferred tyre pattern where you will be prompted to choose a tyre size and fitting location to gather your local bridgestone tyre prices.

Accolade AC-03

Accolade AC-04

Alenza H/L 33

Alenza Sport A/S

Battlax Adventure Trail AT41

Battlax Adventurecross AX41

Battlax Adventurecross Scrambler AX41s

Battlax BT-003

Battlax BT-01

Battlax BT-012

Battlax BT-014

Battlax BT-015

Battlax BT-016

Battlax BT-016 PRO

Battlax BT-020

Battlax BT-021

Battlax BT-022

Battlax BT-023

Battlax BT-023GT

Battlax BT-028

Battlax BT-090

Battlax BT-39SS

Battlax BT-45

Battlax BT-50

Battlax BT-54

Battlax BT-56J

Battlax BT-92

Battlax Racing Street RS11

Battlax SC-Ecopia

Battlax Sport Touring T32

Battlax T30 Evo

Battle Wing BW-501/BW-502

Battlecross E50

Battlecross X10

BattleCross X20

Battlecross X30

Battlecross X31

Battlecross X40

Battlecruise H50

Blizzak DM-V1

Blizzak DM-V2

Blizzak DM-V3

Blizzak LM001

Blizzak LM005

Blizzak LM005 (Driveguard)

Blizzak LM18 C

Blizzak LM25 4X4

Blizzak LM25 I

Blizzak LM32 S

Blizzak LM500

Blizzak LM-80

Blizzak LM-80 EVO

Blizzak MZ-03 RFT

Blizzak SPIKE 01

Blizzak Spike 3

Blizzak Spike-02

Blizzak W995 Multicell

Driveguard Winter

Dueler A/T 001

Dueler A/T 693

Dueler A/T 693 II

Dueler A/T 693 III

Dueler A/T 694

Dueler A/T RH-S

Dueler A/T002

Dueler H/L 33

Dueler H/L 400

Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia

Dueler H/L 683

Dueler H/L Alenza

Dueler H/P 680

Dueler H/P 92A

Dueler H/P Sport

Dueler H/T 684

Dueler H/T 684 II

Dueler H/T 684 III

Dueler H/T 685

Dueler H/T 687

Dueler H/T 688

Dueler H/T 689

Dueler H/T 840

Dueler HP Sport AS

Dueler HTS 686

Dueler M/T 673

Dueler M/T 674

Dueler Sport Ecopia

Duravis All Season

Duravis r-steer 002

Duravis r-trailer 002

Ecopia EP001S

Exedra G525/G526

Exedra G535/G536

Exedra G547/G548

Exedra G701/G702

Exedra G703/G704

Exedra G709 / G704

Exedra G721/G722

Exedra G852 / G853

Motocross M102

Noranza 2 Evo

Noranza SUV 001

Noranza Van 001

Potenza Adrenalin RE002

Potenza RE030

Potenza RE031

Potenza RE040

Potenza RE050

Potenza RE050A

Potenza RE050A I

Potenza RE050A II

Potenza RE070

Potenza RE080

Potenza RE97AS

Potenza S-02A

Potenza Sport

Racing Battlax GP125/GP126

Racing Battlax ME01Z

Racing Battlax R10

Racing Battlax W01

R-trailer 001

Sporty Style MY-02

Trailwing TW101

Trailwing TW152

Trailwing TW2

Trailwing TW203/TW204

Trailwing TW301/TW302

Trailwing TW39/TW40

Trailwing TW41/TW42

Trailwing TW53/TW54

Turanza EL400-2

Turanza EL450

Turanza ER300

Turanza ER300-1

Turanza ER300-2

Turanza ER300A

Turanza ER30c


Turanza LS100

Turanza T001 Evo

Turanza T005A


Weather Control A001

Weather Control A005

Weather Control A005 EVO