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Established in 1967, Maxxis International had humble beginnings as a manufacturer of bicycle tyres in Taiwan - it has now grown to become the largest manufacturer of bicycle tyres in the world. The company has since expanded to provide a wide variety of tyres including products for motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, SUVs, ATVs, lawnmowers and more.

Maxxis distributes its products to approximately 180 countries across the globe, with over 30,000 employees helping them to become one of the largest and most well known tyre manufacturers in the industry. The company is currently researching environmentally friendly products with what it calls its Maxxis Green range which uses lower fuel consumption, underlining their commitment to helping to protect the environment.

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Shown below is a full list of available maxxis tyre patterns. To compare tyre prices for these, simply click the "View tyre prices" button for your preferred tyre pattern where you will be prompted to choose a tyre size and fitting location to gather your local maxxis tyre prices.

AL2 Vansmart A/S

AP2 All Season

Arctictrekker WP05

Bighorn 2 MU09/MU10

Bighorn MT-762

Bighorn MT-764

Bravo Series AT-771

Bravo Series HP-600

Bravo Series HT-770

Bravo Series UE-168


Creepy Crawler M8090

HP-M3 Bravo HP

MA-S1 Marauder

MA-S2 Marauder II

MA-Z4S Victra

Mudzilla M8080

Premitra All-Season AP3

Premitra Snow WP6

Presa Snow MA-PW

Presa Spike MA-SLW

Pro-R1 Victra

Supermaxx ST MA-ST2

Trailer UN-999

Trepador M8060 (Competition)

Trepador Radial M8060

Vanpro MCV3 Plus

Vansmart Snow WL2

Victra Snow SUV MA-SW

Victra Sport 5 VS5

Victra Sport VS-01

Wintermaxx MA-W2