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Originally founded as Heung-A Tyre Company in 1942, Woosung Tyre became Korea's first tyre manufacturer in 1956. The company was then re-branded in 2000 to Nexen Tyre due to their aim for global expansion. With 3 research and development plants across the globe and products sold in over 130 countries, Nexen has definitely met and exceeded their original vision.

Nexen's presence in the market is growing, with a partnership deal with Manchester City Football Club helping to increase the brand's exposure.

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Classe Premiere

N blue 4 season

N Blue HD Plus

N Blue Premium

N FERA Primus


Radial A/T NEO

Radial A/T RV


Roadian AT Pro RA8


Winguard Ice Plus

Winguard Ice SUV

Winguard Snow' G

Winguard Snow G3 WH21

Winguard Snow Grip WH2

Winguard Sport

Winguard Sport 2

Winguard Winspike

Winguard Winspike 3

Winguard Winspike WH62

Winguard Winspike WS62