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Premium Brands

Premium tyres are the highest performance tyres available, utilising the latest technologies and best materials available for unrivalled qualities such as wet grip performance and reduced noise levels. Made up of household brands, premium tyres often sport the latest innovations and greater durability than other classifications. These tyres are a suitable choice for drivers with high mileage and those often driving high speed (e.g. on motorways).

Mid-Range Brands

Mid-range tyres offer the perfect balance between price and performance, making them a popular choice amongst drivers. These tyres are usually a good fit for general usage, using similar technology to premium brands (often manufactured by the same companies under different names) but with slightly lower quality materials to keep them at a more affordable price.

Budget Brands

Budget tyres are a cheaper alternative to premium and mid-range that still meet the required European safety standards but will offer a lower level of performance in exchange for a considerably cheaper price. These tyres are often a viable choice for low mileage customers and those driving mainly in urban areas.