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Same incredible performance, less fuel and emissions


Balanced performance

The Battlax SC Ecopia is a real breakthrough in the maxi-scooter tyre line-up, offering seriously enhanced fuel economy with the same strong handling performance.*

* Compared with the Battlax SC

Lower rolling resistance

Up to 15% lower, to be precise. So you can save on fuel and carbon emissions… but not on safety or performance.

Safe handling

Enjoy the same incredible stability, grip and comfort you would expect from a premium Bridgestone scooter tyre. For a smooth, easy and confident ride, in wet and dry conditions.

Awesome grip

Power your way through the urban jungle and around tight corners, in the knowledge that the Battlax SC Ecopia will stop you when you need it to. With one of the shortest stopping distances in its class.

Longer tyre life

Save money at both ends: by consuming a lot less fuel and by lasting a lot longer. Better for your wallet and the environment.