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With a winning combination of technologies, the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-Z3 with UNI-T technology handles ice and snow conditions like a pro. The TUBE MULTICELL compound improves control on ice by cutting through thin layers of surface water.
The 3D sipes enhance dry performance while UNI-T technology combined with Silica helps keep traction strong in wet conditions.
Once you equip your SUV or light truck with Blizzak DM-Z3 tires, you're ready for whatever winter puts in your way.
  • Directional Tread Pattern - Optimizes wet and dry performance through tread design
  • Riblets - Improves ice traction on new tires
  • Tube Multicell® Compound - Removes the thin layer of surface water to improve grip on ice using millions of microscopic pores in the compound
  • Silica - Improves traction in wet conditions by increasing flexibility of tread compound
  • Zigzag/3D Sipe - Upgrades traction on snow and ice