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A studded tyre is obviously only designed for one purpose: Deliver the best performance in the worst possible winter conditions. And, when the road is completely covered with snow and ice, the Blizzak Spike-01 announces better performances than the tyre it replaces. Between the new stud design and construction, this tyre delivers 20% better handling on ice. And on snow, Bridgestone says that performance is 5% better than the Noranza 2 EVO.

With the new Blizzak Spike-01, Bridgestone can now cover a wider range of cars. It can fit SUVs and other large 4x4’s, but also more compact cars and standard passenger cars. Remember, this tyre is designed for very specific markets across the world, where winter conditions are such that winter tyres are not enough and where road infrastructures are often saturated with snow. Scandinavia is one of these markets specifically targeted by the Blizzak Spike-01.