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Roll with the best when winter is at its worst.

Rubber Foam Technology.
  • Tiny bubbles in the rubber decrease hardness in low temperatures, so the tire maintains its flexibility for surer ground contact and better grip.
V-Shape Tread Pattern Design.
  • The wide interconnected V-shape pattern grooves expel water and slush for excellent traction on winter roads while the interlocking cross-pattern blocks improve block stability.
Optimized Stud Hole Alignment.
  • To ensure shorter ice braking distance, all 14 columns of stud holes are aligned to provide maximum grip on snowy or icy road surfaces.
3-D Sipe Design.
  • Sipe spacers on the inside of the tire keep the sipes open when they pass through the ground contact area. Sipes can fill up with more snow, which enhances their gripping power.
Zigzag Pattern Block Side Walls.
  • Zigzag pattern blocks on the sidewall increase the contact area traction between the tire and road.
Optimized Stud Hole Design.
  • Hexagonal bumps isolate studs from the snow to keep them fully in play for their gripping and holding function.