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When you need to get down and dirty

Dunlop knows adrenaline junkies like to get into the thick of it, getting down and dirty is what it’s all about. What it’s not about though is getting stuck. The Geomax MX51 is the hardcore dirt rider’s passport to non-stop action in the rough stuff. Picking up where the D756 left off, the MX51 raises the bar. Thanks to the all-new tread pattern you get more straight-line traction, more corner grip, better handling and longer tyre life.

Key benefits

  • Front tyre tread blocks feature recessed edges providing improved traction and better grip
  • Cross-stitch shoulder block distribution for more traction and grip in medium/medium-hard riding conditions
  • Shoulder block bases have a larger radius for increased strength and durability
  • Tie-bar design connects and reinforces the tread blocks for greater durability, chunking resistance and overall better performance
  • Shallow recessed areas between tread blocks provide better rider comfort