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The Dunlop Sport Classic meets the needs of classic car drivers and is optimised for the High Performance vehicles of the 60s, 70s and 80s

A classic look and feel, combined with modern handling and braking performance. The latest construction and compound technologies provide grip, stability and steering in wet and dry conditions, whilst the tread pattern still has the typical authentic appearance cherished by classic car owners.

Features and Benefits

  • Modern silica compound delivers increased adaptability* to the road’s surface, resulting in an excellent wet grip and braking performance.
  • State-of-the-art reinforced overlay allows for a stronger carcass*, guaranteeing an optimised on-road contact patch. This creates tyre stability and steering precision, even at higher speeds.
  • Classic tread pattern, with optimised grooves and high number of multi-oriented blocks, generates numerous biting edges for increased grip. Together with the efficient groove distribution design for better water evacuation, the tread pattern offers improved wet grip and aquaplaning resistance*.
  • Latest shoulder block technology, with robust shoulder blocks and reinforced connections, provide increased stiffness* to optimize force transmission. This offers the improved dry handling and braking* we have come to expect from modern Ultra High Performance tyres, while at the same time maintaining that steering feel so typical of classic cars.