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Imagine you’ve just been given the chance to design your own sports tyre. What features would it have? Race-quality grip? Wet-roads predictability? Touring mileage? How about all three features in one tyre? That’s exactly what Dunlop has achieved in its dynamic new SportSmart.

Multi-Tread gives you high mileage and the confidence to push your bike on wet or dry roads, while Dunlop’s unique NTEC system lets you fine-tune the SportSmart’s inflation pressure for totally connected track day performance. For supersport and hypersport riders, the SportSmart is quite simply the tyre you’d design for yourself.

Key benefits

  • Tour, road, track: new crossover performance tyre answers every need
  • NTEC construction acts as a mechanical grip booster at low infl ation pressure for track day use
  • New construction front and rear derived from ultra-successful D211 GP race tyre
  • Multi-tread technology front & rear in order to combine high grip and high mileage
  • Available in all popular sizes