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Genuine Passion. Exceptional Drives.

The maximum combined performance
1st in (the largest number of) essential performances:
  • 1st in DRY braking 1
  • 1st in WET braking 1
  • 1st in DRY laptime 1
  • 1st in longevity 2
and excellent results on wet roads.
The best of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre further enhanced by Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre experience.
High Level of Reactivity
  • Ultra-reactive tread pattern design, adapts continously to the road, for optimized footprint on the road.

Excellent Steering Control

  • "Dynamic response" technology: a hybrid belt of aramid and nylon ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions onto the road.

Exceptional Dry Grip And Improvement Of Wet Breaking

Bi-Compound Technology:

  • Outer side: a novel hybrid elastomer for Dry grip.
  • Inner side: new mix of compound with specific "functional elastomers" and silica provides excellent Wet grip and braking.

Premium Touch Finish

  • Velvet effect creates a variety of black contrasts on the outside sidewall.

Deep Rim Protector

  • A protection for all kind of wheels.
A genuine crafting process
  • A high-precision manufacturing process combined with unique know-how developed by Michelin experts.

Premium design and rim protector

  • Premium touch finish providing a velvet effect on the external sidewall.
  • A deep rim protector.
Acclaimed by car makers
  • Homologated by car makes MERCEDES-AMG and FERRARI.
  • New vehicles are equiped with the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S tyre:
  • MERCEDES AMG E-Class E63 2017 and E43 2017 
** The Limited Edition "Premium Touch" brings about a laser etched checkered flag design into the entire sidewall of the tyre, this is to envoke the spirit of motorsport. While the different between the standard Michelin PS4S tyre and the "Premium Touch" version isn't that significant, if you’re trying to really enhance the aesthetic of your car and are buying new wheels, lowering it and maybe even wrapping it, a differently designed tyre could go a long way to completing the look.