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Excellent rolling resistance for long-distance use

  • Save money and the environment
  • Reduce your fuel consumption
  • Drive further on less fuel
Made to meet the demands of general long-distance highway transportation, the MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ will be sure to generate real savings for your business.
On tautliners, chiller lorries, tankers, for standard loads in 315/80 R22.5, multi-use in 315/70 R22.5 and heavy loads in 315/60 R22.5, 295/60 R22.5 and 355/50 R22.5.
Why Choose This Tyre?
  • If you or your customers are looking for the transportation solution with the lowest possible carbon footprint, the MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ range minimises CO2 emissions throughout the lifespan of the tyre thanks to lower rolling resistance and its ability to be regrooved and retreaded throughout its use.
  • Regrooved, the tyre extends its lifespan during the period where it consumes the least fuel. You will lower your fuel consumption by up to 1.27 litres/100 km. (1)
  • Regrooved, the tyre allows you to save 70% in raw materials: 50 kg (2) in raw materials saved per tyre on average, with less waste to dispose of.
  • Whether it is the tyres on the front or back of your truck, or those on your trailer or semi-trailer, you can reduce your fuel consumption.
  • To reduce your fuel expenses and your carbon footprint, the MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ range reduces the rolling resistance of your lorries. You will thereby benefit from lower fuel consumption: for the MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ Z range, that means fuel savings of up to 2.5 litres/100 km! (3)
  • Don't compromise on the lifespan of your tyres!
  • Depending on the position and size of your MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ tyres, your mileage will be maintained, or even improved.
  • With the MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ Z in 315/70 R22.5 sizing, you will have up 20% more mileage. (4)