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Safety that lasts under Nordic winter conditions

No. 1 on ice, new and after 1,000 miles
- 3.7 meters shorter braking distance on ice when new (1)
- 4.8 meters shorter braking distance on ice after 1000 miles (2)
No. 1 on road holding on ice
MICHELIN X-Ice North 4 outperforms its competitors by an average of 3.2 seconds in terms of lap time on ice (3)
Comfort and safe driving
- Optimal combination of low noise level and comfort when driving on paved roads (based on objective and subjective tests) (4)
- Excellent performance on snow, both in terms of braking and acceleration (5)
Significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to its predecessor
Rolling resistance has decreased with 19% (6)
Technology Behind it
Exceptional acceleration and braking on ice thanks to 250 studs.
  • The tyre tread has been specially designed to allow a large number of studs, both in the middle and in the shoulder of the tire tread. There are a total of 22 possible parallel double lines (compared to 10 lines for XIN3). Mathematical algorithm, places the stud for optimal grip and low noise.
Stud inspired by the WRC rally provides grip and performance over time.
  • Thanks to the latest generation of studs, and the new tire pattern, the MICHELIN X-Ice North 4 can deliver a very long service life.
  • Stud technology: XIN4 has a new steel stud. The stud design and stud profile has been optimized to maximize ice grip while respecting studded tire legislation.
New tyre pattern that optimizes grip in all winter conditions.
  • Tire pattern: The latest generation V-shaped tire pattern has been designed to allow the evacuation of ice and snow particles.
  • The number of saps cut to the bottom has increased by 50% compared to its predecessor to guarantee optimal performance in all winter conditions.