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Robust and Durable

Specially designed for fitment to trailer axles, this new tyre is intended for both regional and national haulage. It extends Michelin’s trailer tyre range, which also includes the X One Maxi Trailer that offers greater versatility and longer tread life through its use of Michelin Durable Technologies, and the XTA 2 Energy, for long-haul use and greater fuel efficiency.

Thanks to a tread area that is 20mm wider and a tread pattern that is 17mm deeper the Michelin XTE 3 delivers up to 15% more mileage than its predecessor*. With additional rubber on the shoulders and ribbed sidewall protection it offers improved resistance to curb damage, making the XTE 3 suitable for use in a wide range of conditions.Michelin XTE 3 confirms Michelin’s focus on offering its customers a truck tyre range capable of meeting all conditions of use and business needs.