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Multipurpose Asphalt Tyre Designed for Classic Rally Cars. Also Approved for Road Use

The exclusive tread of the P7™ CORSA Classic incorporates two specific designs: slick for dry conditions and grooved for the wet, drawing on and developing the asymmetrical pattern that has characterised the very best Pirelli UHP tyres.
An extraordinary formula to transform the tyre’s multipurpose aspect into grip:
  • outer semi-slick for maximum lateral grip in the dry and solid centre rib to ensure precise trajectories with one’s foot down
  • generous inner tread block pattern with grooves to channel water away from the contact patch. 
The unique feature of the P7™ CORSA Classic is its versatility. With a single tread pattern, maximum performance is guaranteed under all weather conditions without compromising aesthetic appearance or driving comfort. The product is available in three different compounds for made-to-measure solutions under dry, damp or wet conditions. 
The P7™ CORSA Classic sidewall imitates the style of the original tyre from the late 70s. It now features a double set of markings with corresponding road size: a necessity due to the type approval required in order to be able to take part in championship races. 
The sizes in the P7™ CORSA Classic range offer the sizes established during the 70s: a Pirelli exclusive for the fitment of the original sizes to some of the most prestigious vehicle models that were at the time actually developed in cooperation with Pirelli. 
In particular, P7™ CORSA Classic is also available with a 16” rim diameter as originally adopted by the Lancia Rally 037 and Delta S4.