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100% AAA classified range

Best score on the European standard labelling (A-A-A) for efficiency, wet braking, and acoustic impact in all sizes at time of launch1

Ultra-low energy consumption
'A' class in efficiency thanks to the innovative compounds and design of the tyre structure1
Optimal braking performance
'A' class in wet braking, thanks to next-gen tread compound1
Outstanding comfort
'A' class acoustic impact with a low level of external noise generated, thanks to the virtual design approach for pattern optimisation1
Excellent durability
High total mileage before replacement, crucial for electric vehicles whose additional weight typically causes more stress on tyre wear and tear.
No stress in case of puncture
The new RunForward™ technology2 lets you continue driving in the event of a puncture up to 40 km at a reduced speed.
Not just another
Made of more than 55% of Bio-based & Recycled materials4
P Zero™ E is made of more than 55% Bio-based & Recycled materials4 across the entire range at launch such as: natural rubber, rice husks, bio resins.
Legal Notes
1 All 17 sizes available at product launch have been rated triple A class on EU label (A class in efficiency, A class in wet braking, A class in external noise).
2 All 17 sizes available at product launch include RunForward™ technology, that enables driving up to 40km at up to 80km/h in case of a flat tyre. Source: Pirelli R&D internal tests. 
3 All 17 sizes available at product launch include Elect™ technology. Discover more on
4 Thanks to a combination of physical segregation and mass balance approach. Depending on tyre size, bio-based and recycled content ranges between 29-31% and 25-27% respectively. Bio-based materials are natural rubber, textile reinforcements, bio-chemicals, bio-resins and lignin, while recycled materials are metallic reinforcements, chemicals and - through mass balance - synthetic rubber, silica and carbon black.
5 vs. Traditional UHP tyre P Zero™ (PZ4 size 235/45R18), normalized by mileage, according to ISO 14026 and verified by Bureau Veritas.