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  • Asymmetric tread pattern

  • Total comfort

  • Solid quietness

This new passenger car tyre is developed from the successful breakthrough in Micro Beta Silica Technology to assure you a ride that is superior in comfort and quietness whilst saving on fuel economy. 

Optimized Impact Absorption 

Evolving from extensive Research and Development studies on total impact absorption (damping), this advanced technology optimizes every tyre component to achieve the highest level of comfort, quietness and tyre performance. 

Multi-Radii Tread Contour

The state-of-the-art multi radii tread contour provides optimal tyre contact with road surfaces to ensure even tread wear and further enhancing comfort, quietness and grip. 

Save On Fuel and Increase Grip with Better Tread Compound

The advanced Micro Beta Silica Low Hysteresis Compound absorbs low quantities of energy thus there is less energy loss resulting in low rolling resistance to save on fuel and increase grip especially in wet conditions.