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Breakthrough in fuel saving technology

To beat the rising cost of fuel, the new Silverstone Synergy M5 incorporates the latest motorsports developed technologies of ETR, OAC and ECO-TREAD, to lower rolling resistance and achieve 4.7% (under controlled environment) better fuel economy.

Equilibrium Tread Radii (ETR)

Minimizes deformation of tread rubber and steel belt package during loading conditions to lower rolling resistance thus saving fuel consumption whilst providing a comfortable and quiet ride.

Optimized Apex Contour (OAC)

Specially engineered with a combination of new Superhard Apex Compound minimize deformation at the bead region to lower rolling resistance to provide fuel efficiency and comfort.

Low Hysteresis Tread Compound (Eco-Tread)

Derived from extensive research in compound-mixing technology, further minimizes energy loss thus improving rolling resistance for better mileage.