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The all-new RS-C88 offers its users comfort, silence, safety and a satisfying performance standard in highway and urban driving.
Features and Benefits
Resists Damage:
High density steel wire increases the strength of the carcass while two-ply sidewalls strengthen the sidewall to prevent damage from rocks or potholes. The tyre also features a rim protector.
Four different-sized tread blocks and an integrated central pattern significantly reduce the tyre’s noise.
The deep treads (8.3mm deep with a treadwear rating of 400) extend the tyre’s lifespan, making it an economical choice.
Enhanced Steering Response:
The wide central rib is specifically designed to improve steering response and feedback.
Superb Stability:
Longitudinal grooves resist hydroplaning and increase wet braking proficiency for stability on wet roads, while the spiral nylon overwrap creates a larger contact patch for high speed stability.
Uncompromising Grip:
A sports performance compound with chemically coupled silica provides outstanding wet and dry grip plus low rolling resistance.