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The Toyo Observe G3-Ice is a studable winter tyre designed for optimum traction and braking on ice and snow. Consistent performance throughout the tyre’s life makes it ideal for use in extreme winter weather conditions.
Excellent in the most extreme weather conditions, Observe G3-Ice has a directional tread pattern to provide the best possible lateral road holding, even in the most difficult conditions. An optimised stud hole design. offers exceptional stud retention and improved acoustic comfort.

Features and Benefits

Circumferential Stud Distribution increased to 20 lines Excellent ice performance from optimised stud distribution throughout tread section.
Fully complies with latest Scandinavian Tire & Rim Organisation regulation, reducing stud density to a maximum of 50pcs/m2 from 1st July,2013.
Walnut Shell Microbits
Microbits dig in and bite into hard ice surfaces to provide superior grip Environmently friendly natural material.
Gear Shaped Edge of Stud Hole
Edge effect on ice & snow surface provides added grip.
Saw Tooth Edge Block
Saw tooth edge grabs onto surface snow for extra traction